April 5-6, 2017 in boulder, colorado

Experience mapping: see the system, change the system.


five ways this will help you grow your career

  1. Reframe your perspective. Map your customer experiences and see them in context of the entire customer relationship.
  2. Give your teams tools for traction. You'll learn how to diagnose weak spots in the journey and align teams to address them.
  3. Scale your opportunity. You'll shift your focus from designing single products to choreographing product ecosystems. 
  4. Learn from experts whose work you already know. Noel Franus is head of Franus Experience Design and former VP/Experience Design Director at Crispin Porter + Bogusky. He's led innovation work for Spotify, Domino's, American Express, Turkish Airlines, Microsoft and Aspen Dental. This workshop is based on methods that fueled that work.
  5. Take the cheat sheets. You'll learn new frameworks, collaborate with peers and receive real-world samples to get you going.

This workshop is created to help you become the most valuable person on your team. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Make your customer experience visible and create alignments that lead to change.

Every organization creates "experiences" for its customers and constituents. Most of the people responsible for creating those experiences can't see or can't act on the weak points within or across those experiences. These gaps are significant opportunities for innovation and organizational alignment. And they can limit growth.

In this two-day workshop you'll learn the ins and outs of successful experience mapping based on real-world examples; learn five types of experience maps for understanding common business problems; and strengthen your ability to convey opportunities for change throughout your customer's journey.


    workshop participants will explore...

    • Multiple real-world case-studies covering products and services you may already know;
    • The creation of five different kinds of maps for different objectives—including downloadable examples;
    • The surprisingly subtle difference between actionable mapping and cosmetic fluff;
    • The types of people you'll need on your side to succeed.

    and you WILL LEARN:

    • How to map end-to-end customer experiences;
    • How to use the right map for the right scenario, from marketing to product/service design to operational choreography;
    • When and how to incorporate user research;
    • When and how to involve others in your process: makers, marketers and operations executives.

    is this for you? yes if you are...

    A mid- to director-level professional in marketing, product/service design, or operations. This is often useful for people who wear many hats in their day-to-day roles, whether that's a tiny startup or a massive enterprise.

    ...and yes IF YOU need help with...

    Exploring more effective ways of reaching your customers. Or perhaps your current offering needs a new what, how and why. Maybe you're stuck trying to galvanize others around a vision. In each case, experience mapping can be an indispensable activity for diagnosing and implementing change.

    what's gonna happen?


    Noel Franus is leading this workshop. Noel is former VP/Experience Design Director at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, and founder of Carbon IQ, San Francisco’s first user experience consultancy. In Noel’s six years at CP+B he helped lead renowned innovation initiatives for Domino’s, American Express, Turkish Airlines, Microsoft and Aspen Dental. This workshop is based on methods that anchored many of those initiatives. Noel also co-chaired the IXDA Student Design Challenge in San Francisco and Helsinki. He's led this workshop for clients, design schools and conferences around the globe, and he's excited to bring this workshop to Boulder.


    • 2 days of the Experience Mapping workshop, from April 5 to April 6.
    • Instruction, collaboration, critiques in sharpening your skills.
    • Downloadable examples of case studies/documentation.
    • Coffee and snacks each morning.
    • Catered lunch each afternoon.
    • Invitation to optional, attendees-only networking dinner in Boulder our first night (not included in fee).

    A getaway location that will make your boss jealous

    We'll be at Colorado Chautauqua, at the base of Flatirons, in the Grand Assembly building. Come for the sunshine and hiking, stay in one of the rustic cabins onsite, and stick around for the world-class skiing just 90 minutes down the road. Or enjoy foodie-heaven Boulder; Pearl Street is just a mile down the hill. Visit the Chautauqua website to learn more and book your lodging. 

    In our industry we know technology and innovation are our future, but we had no idea where to start. Working with Noel we finally could envision the possibilities and tie them to our organizational needs and goals. Not only did he drastically improve our digital strategy, but he helped us craft a roadmap that is still influencing our discussions and our planning.
    — Mindy Stewart-Coffee, COO Integrity Home Care and Hospice
    I’ve really enjoyed Noel’s holistic approach to problem solving. Working with him is a constant reminder that design and systems thinking can dramatically improve how a business functions, and how customers interact with it. Both drive right to the bottom line. And not just the financial bottom line, but a harder to quantify pleasure bottom line that shifts some companies from just producers to companies that you can fall in love with.
    — Corey Szopinski, Vice President/Executive Creative Technical Director CP+B
    In working with Noel I’ve learned to think deeply about the full customer experience — everything from first touch to post conversion relationship management. He’s on my secret top ten list of collaborators.
    — Chris Mele, Managing Director, Stink Studios
    I love how Noel takes a big step back to look at the big picture. Not only that, he can sell the client on doing it.
    — Alicia Potter, Founder/Creative Director, Faven Creative