May 1-3, 2017 in boulder, colorado

Love your unspoken truths. Design for massive change.

THIS IS A BOOT CAMP FOR Clarifying and crafting the story of your next great product, service or campaign.

What are you making? Why will anyone care? What will people say when they talk about it? If that's not clear, your next great idea will miss the mark. And in order for people to care, you need to fearlessly strike at the heart of what matters. 

What matters? Every company has its own truth. We’re an innovation company, or we put people first, etc. But few organizations address the unspoken truths that are abundant in our lives — the elephant-in-the-room challenges that resonate with people at a personal and cultural level. That’s where the most impactful innovation opportunities often reside.

This three-day workshop is designed to help startup leaders, product innovators and other creatives discover what matters. And to use this in framing, building and sharing the vision for your next product, service or campaign.


    participants will explore why...

    • Feature lists are inherently set up to fail
    • Products and services with little talk value must rely more heavily on advertising to seed interest;
    • Teams of UX practitioners, product owners and marketers can forge a new model for orchestrating influence and behaviors; 
    • Injecting three new questions into your process may significantly improve your chances of success.


    • Leverage research to devise useful insights;
    • Convert insights into clear, convincing briefs;
    • Devise and convey ideas in their most impactful form;
    • Sketch prototypes that communicate your vision;
    • Sell your vision like the badass you already are;
    • Adapt this approach for traditional 'design thinking’ and/or development processes.




      Noel Franus is former VP/Experience Design Director at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky and founder of Carbon IQ, San Francisco’s first UX consultancy. In Noel’s six years at CP+B he helped lead renowned innovation initiatives for Domino’sAmerican ExpressTurkish AirlinesMicrosoft and Aspen Dental. This workshop is based on his experience leading many of those initiatives. Noel has taught this workshop for clients, design schools and conferences around the globe. 


      Chris Mele leads Stink Studios New York headquarters, working closely with Strategy, Creative, Production and Technology leadership to develop and manage all client engagements. With a background in brand strategy and product development, Chris has led teams on large scale product and platform builds for The Wall Street Journal, Stumptown Coffee Roasters and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as campaigns for Levi’s, Google and Red Bull. A certified ScrumMaster, his areas of expertise include e-commerce, global CMS-driven web applications and native app builds.



      Your work may be brilliant. But if it requires too much time and money on the front end of the funnel to get noticed, there's a disconnect between what you've made and why anyone cares. If that's familiar territory, this workshop is for you. Or, perhaps you need to boost your briefing, ideation, concepting and pitching skills. If so, this is your three-day bootcamp. Product leads, experience designers, creatives, marketers, and entrepreneurs have benefited from this workshop.

        What's gonna happen?

        what your registration includes

        • 3 days of this workshop, from May 1 to May 3.
        • Instruction, collaboration, critiques in sharpening your skills.
        • Access to all workshop slides, featuring real-world case studies.
        • Coffee and snacks each morning.
        • Catered lunch each afternoon.
        • Invitation to optional, attendees-only dinner in Boulder our first night (not included in fee).


        Chalet Workshop is at Colorado Chautauqua, at the base of Flatirons, in the Grand Assembly building. Come for the sunshine and hiking, stay in one of the rustic cabins onsite, and stick around for the world-class skiing just 90 minutes down the road. Or enjoy foodie-heaven Boulder; Pearl Street is just a mile down the hill. Visit the Chautauqua website to book your lodging. 

        Chalet Workshop is pleased to offer a 20% discount for freelancers, the self-employed and for employees of 501c3 nonprofits. Use code "selfie20" or "501c320" at checkout. 

        My appreciation for design thinking has been completely changed after working with Noel. He’s about experiences that question everything, and explore ‘what if’ possibilities that reach way beyond the screen. Noel’s insights into how people interact with the world has helped create tremendous, life-changing ideas.
        — Pablo Alejo, Creative Technology Director, Burns Marketing
        This is about supercharging your brain and supercharging your team. There’s nothing worse than someone that claims to know all the answers. You need different perspectives to learn new insights, and Noel fosters an environment of collaboration. He has a knack for teasing insights out of group of people through his workshops... insights that even the participants didn’t know they had. That’s an incredibly powerful asset.
        — Corey Szopinski. Vice President/Executive Creative Technical Director CP+B
        It isn’t just about innovation or disruption for Noel. It’s about making it easier or better for the end consumer. As a result, the initiatives Noel leads keep the consumer in mind as well as the ROI for the client.
        — Sailesh Patel, Senior Vice President, Director of Digital Analytics. Deutsch.
        Noel provides insight about experience design best practices, storytelling, collaboration, and a whole host of skills that have shaped me as a designer.
        — Will Crowe, User Experience Designer at GE Healthcare